Buying Guide

Buyer’s guide

Now it’s time to know about some most important features that must be in the best jigsaw.

Blades: The first and most important jigsaw tool that should be noticed is its blade. It is as important as the jigsaw itself.Before buying must consider the requirements of your project. As most of the jigsaws offer color schemed blades. But this is not for all the blades. As bosch jigsaw is one of the best brands for producing jigsaw. Additionally, bosch jigsaw blades come in grey color for the wood, white for both wood and metal, blue only for metal, and black for cutting application.

For selecting the perfect blade you also know which kinds of cuts you want. As you need different kinds of blades for cutting different geometry of cuts. The teeth of blades are also of great importance.

For the quick cuts in non-ferrous metals, softwood, hardwood, aluminum, and plastic select milled and side set of teeth.

Straight cuts in plywood, soft steels, aluminum, and plastic go with a milled and wavy set of teeth.

Clean cuts in wood and plastic you have to select ground and taper teeth. There are many other options of blades available in the market. Make sure you are using the perfect blade for your work. Unfortunately, if you do not select the right blade for you it will affect the blade, quality of your work.

Dust blower: Some people considered it an additional option while buying a jigsaw. Such people make big mistakes. The jigsaw without a dust blower causes many problems while cutting. By using this a  time comes when you do not see the line your following for cutting. As that line will cover with wood particles. So Must select a jigsaw with a dust blower. So that the dust blower cleans wood particles continuously and provides a clear vision to cut in a more focused way.

Bevel cutting: Bevel is another important feature of the jigsaw. In case you want an angel or suppose you want to cut the edge of the dining table. Then you need a tool that can easily cut in the appropriate direction. This can only be done by using a perfect jigsaw with fine bevel cutting. Must select a jigsaw with 4 orbital curve ranges from 0 degrees to 45 degrees.

Reduced vibration: Many people can not use jigsaws due to violent vibration. Additionally, using such poorly designed jigsaws for a longer duration causes pain in your hand and wrist. To avoid this problem go with a jigsaw that offers premium design and minimizes vibration. Such jigsaws are also best for beginners and people with arthritis.  Ultimately by using such a jigsaw you can easily increase your work duration and fulfill your project in very little time.

Trigger lock system: A trigger lock system is a necessary thing that should be in the best jig saw. As some people cannot have the stamina to hold down the trigger during the whole process of cutting. Due to this reason, you can easily lock the trigger at a specific place. Ultimately make cutting easier.

Variable speed: Must select a jig saw with a variable speed. By using such a jigsaw you can easily control the speed of the saw blade throughout the process. Control over the speed makes the cut more perfect and gives them a professional look. Additionally, the process of cutting becomes safe. So the jigsaw with variable speed can also be the best choice for beginners.

Design: Do not forget to notice that the jigsaw you are going to select is corded or cordless. Both types of jigsaws are good if you use them according to the work requirement.

Corded jigsaws are perfect in this case if you have to do work only at a single place. Or you do not have to go outside for work.

Cordless jigsaws are perfect for you if you have more work outside of your house. Bosch jigsaw cordless is the best choice as you do not need to organize its cord. Ultimately make it more compatible and handy.

Handle: Always select a jigsaw with a handle made up of material that reduces slip. Additionally, the size of the handle must be compatible with the size of the jigsaw. The jigsaw with such features gives you a perfect and strong grip and makes work easier for you.